Monthly Seminars

ASPS offers a unique suite of twelve exclusive monthly seminars, we call modules, designed to help you advance in all aspects of your professional field. Click here to learn more!


ASPS offers a suite of twelve exceptional monthly seminars designed to help you advance in all aspects of of your professional field. We bring in expert guest speakers that speak directly to your priorities, keep seminars lively & engage every attendee to participate. You’ll never need to browse your social media status cause you’ll be too engaged in our sessions.  And for the well rounded professional that takes all twelve seminars, we have a ASPS Certification Program (link) that recognizes your commitment to world class professional public service.


Module One March 2017 Real Estate & Asset Management (new page)

Module Two April 2017 Development & PPP’s  (new page)

Module Three May 2017 Project Management  (new page)

Module Four June 2017 Public Speaking & Meetings  (new page)

Module Five July 2017 Media Relations & Social Media  (new page)

Module Six August 2017 Community & Civic Relations  (new page)

Module Seven September 2017 Government & Political Relations  (new page)

Module Eight October 2017 Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology  (new page)

Module Nine November 2017 Smart Cities & Sustainability  (new page)

Module Ten December 2017 Change Management & Reorgs  (new page)

Module Eleven January 2018 Benchmarking & Process Improvements  (new page)

Module Twelve February 2018 Internal Alignment & Horizontal Communication  (new page)


Advance Seminar & Webinar Survey

All organizational dynamics come down to how well we manage the Four P’s: People, Processes, Projects & Priorities
A. People can be your teammates, bosses, employees, customers & every emotional being in between


  1. Processes can be how we get from A to Z, bureaucracies, organizational structures, critical paths & the rules that govern it i.e. SOP’s


  1. Projects can be our deliverables, outcomes, reports & what everyone expects of you
  2. Priorities can be your policies, urgencies and how you determine what to deliver & when

    Name (optional)
    Title (optional)
    Organization (optional)
    Type of public service

    1. How would you describe your organization’s corporate culture?
    2. What is your professional field of expertise?
    3. What are your current priorities?
    4. Is your process working?
    5. Do you have any people issues?
    6. Can you give us an example of your project to use as a case study?
    7. What do you need help with today?
    8. Can we contact you to discuss your case study in advance?
    9. What do you hope to achieve by your attendance, participation & case study review?
    10. Please attach any supporting documents.

Schedule Follow Ups

One of the perks of participating in an ASPS seminar is the follow up feature. If you don't choose, we’ll come to you to follow up on any learning opportunities that caught your attention in the seminar, help you customize the lessons learned to your job or use your allotted time for brainstorming on how to help you succeeding. This is your time & we’re here for you. Please sign up here & select from any of the available on-site appointments in San Diego County or a Skype call if you’re out of town.


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Breakfast Series

The MLK Civil Rights Series

The Community Law Enforcement Series

The JFK Foreign Policy Roundtable

The Ronald Reagan Military Outlook

The Cesar Chavez Social Justice Panel

The East-West Economic Diplomacy Forum


Webinar Series

Developing Effective Stakeholder & Stockholder Strategies

Effective Policy, Practice & Process Improvements

How to Mobilize Regional Support for your Civic Project

How to Banish Silos & Embrace Horizontal Communication

How to Balance Maritime & Commercial Port Development

Maritime Industrial Overlay Districts

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